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Plastic Welding Tool – Liquid Bond with LED UV Light

Are you looking to fix any broken plastic object? This amazing adhesive works great to repair your plastic, providing a strong and long-lasting bonding. It's pretty easy to use; just apply the liquid on the clean surface you want to fix and expose to the UV light attached to the tool. Your house is full of breakable plastic items, so this tool is a must-have for your home maintenance kit.

Wireless Item Tracker Device Remote Controlled

How often we faced the situation when we are unable to find things like keys, wallets, phones, dog collars, etc. when they're just hiding around our house? If you have a friend who keeps losing things, this is a perfect gift option. With this small and handy wireless tracker, it's a lot easier to track your important belongings with a simple press of a button.

Letsfit Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds, Built-in Mic, HD Stereo Sound

Experience the joy of music without cables connecting your phone. These cool earbuds give you the convenience of being hands-free, and enjoy high-quality stereo sound while traveling, running, gym or relaxing. You just need to connect it with your phone's Bluetooth to get hours of listening, and the built-in microphone allows to accept and receive calls.

BeMo Protein Shaker Bottle With Storage Compartments

If you happen to know someone into sports or fitness, you might have a hard time to find the perfect present. For fitness enthusiasts, there's no such thing as a protein shaker bottle. No matter if they work out at the gym, practice yoga, rumba, or any sport, you can gift this amazing shaker bottle to make protein shakes and smoothies. The bottle also has two compartments to store protein powder and extra supplements.

Dashboard Car Phone Mount Silicone Anti-Slip

Using your smartphone or tablet in the car is so much easy and convenient with a car phone mount. It is incredibly useful for users that use their phones for navigation, entertainment, and communication while driving. This mobile phone holder has a soft silicone bottom to protect the phone and has anti-slip pads to place directly on the dashboard.

Neck, Shoulder, Back Massager with Heat

After a long hectic day, what soothes you and relax your body from mental and physical stress, is a massager. This heat massager is a great stress buster for various tissues of your body, relieving you from aches and cramps. This is portable, and you can easily use it at home, office, car, or while traveling.

Silicone Dashboard Car Phone Holder

When we place our phone on a car phone mount fixed on the front mirror, it blocks our vision from some part of the mirror which can be very risky when you are in traffic or at high speed. With an excellent design, this phone mount is very safe as it gets fixed on the dashboard and you can place your phone horizontally without blocking the driver's view.

Mydethun Moon Lamp 3D Printing Light With Stand

Do you need some night lamp for your room that can give it an eye-catching look? This cool lamp is a great choice for your home or office that is eco-friendly, has a moon texture on the surface, and comes with a creative stand. It works on a touch sensor, allowing you to easily change color and adjust brightness with a touch of a hand.
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