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Handmade Moroccan leather Square Poufs, Light Tan

Square poufs are handy furniture pieces, or we can say artwork, versatile enough to serve as a soft seat, footstool, or a table. This stylish and classy pouf adds beauty to your home and matches your unique taste and budget. It makes a perfect statement piece and elegant addition to your living room and entryway.

Samsung SmartThings Multipurpose Sensor – Door & Window Sensor

Door and window sensors help to make your home safe. Protect your home and family from an intrusion, unauthorized entry with the smart security of this multipurpose sensor. When a window or door in your home opens or a motion is detected, you will receive an instant alert on your phone. The sensor can monitor room temperature, smoke, motion, and windows & doors, easily and effectively.

AmazonBasics Large DSLR Camera Gadget Bag, Black And Orange

If you're a photography enthusiast or a professional photographer who often has to travel with all the camera accessories, you need high quality and spacious camera bag. This large bag is heavily padded with compartments to carry your DSLR camera and other accessories safely. It comes with an adjustable shoulder strap so you can comfortably carry the bag.

Organic Hemp Seed Oil, 100% Pure, cold Pressed, Unrefined

Hemp seed is most effective at repairing your skin against free radical damage, reducing dry skin without clogging pores, which reduces pores, blackheads, acne caused by excess oil. Produced using a cold-press extraction method, this 100% pure and organic hemp seed oil absorbs well and holds moisture, which helps fight the signs of aging.

August Home Smart Door Lock With DoorSense, Easy Keyless Entry

To give you the added convenience of keyless entry, simply install this August smart lock on the inside of your door and turn your front door into a smart door. It let you lock and unlock your door using your smartphone, providing secure keyless entry for your home. You can monitor the activity to keep track of who comes and goes, all from your phone.

Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Cable, 1M

Magnetic chargers are the most popular and common, simply because you can easily place your Apple Watch into the magnetized part of the charger. Charge your Apple Watch with this cable conveniently as there will be no actual plugging in or unplugging in the watch itself.

Liquor/Wine Bottle Lamp Kit | Bar Light, Christmas Decor

What can you do with your favorite liquor or wine glass bottle after it's empty? Use this rubber cork with socket to turn the bottles into an eye-catching lamp, providing a unique glow depending on the bottle color. You can use these bottle lights to light up your bar, lawn, or your house for Christmas/Halloween.

TP-Link N300 WiFi Signal Booster | WiFi Range Extender

Want to boost the weak WiFi signal of your home router? WiFi extender is the best way to help you fix your Wi-Fi dead spots and boost the signal, improving your connection. It helps you achieve a more reliable home internet connection, increase internet speed and access for everyone connected to that Wi-Fi network.
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